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A sample of projects at Honey Sources, in partnership with our vendors.


At the core of our business is our database of honey sources. We are developing and builiding an expansive database with the goal of accumulating beekeepers and honey suppliers across the globe into our database.

If you know of any beekeepers or honey suppliers that has not been added to our database, please reach out by leaving feedback, contacting us, or encouraging the beekeeper/supplier to contact us. 

We believe that every honey consumer should have the right to know where his or her honey is coming from, in order to allow our consumers to enjoy increased satisfaction in the consumption and/or use of honey. 


Since our business is the tracking of honey sources, we are busy trying to innovate and develop a seamless tracking system. Our consumers deserve the "hive-to-jar" experience, and we believe that the only surefire way that our consumers can achieve this is through the awareness of the source of his or her honey. 

Our vision is to develop a system that can be integrated into both exisiting and growing beekeeping or honey processing operations, at the lowest possible cost while adding greater value to the product offering or process. 

Envision the Possibilities...

Tracking the source of honey.


Our premiere service offering is the first ever platform for tracking the source(s) of honey sold in America. Our platform includes the Honey Sources © website and mobile app, along with an extensive and ever-expanding database of honey sources. We strive to enable our consumers and users to experience true "hive-to-the-jar" satisfaction. We are going global! 

Marketing for Beekeeping.

In addition to providing the source of honey to our consumers/users, we also provide marketing strategies for those beekeepers or honey suppliers interested in the acquisition of consumers, selling more honey, and expanding the business. 

Mission & Vision


Honey Sources' mission is to empower honey consumers with the information necessary to make well-informed honey choices via our enhanced technology.


Honey Sources' vision is to be the premiere information center of natural and localized honey sources, worldwide. 

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